Sub-Contractor / Specialty Contractor

Sub-Contractor / Specialty Contractor

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Painting and Wallcovering

154 Berkeley Street, Rochester, New York 14607
 Jeffrey Sturtz, David Sturtz, Kenneth Mackey

 glass subcontracting company, designs, fabricates, and installs custom or standard exterior wall systems

101 North Street, Canandaigua, New York 14424
 Steve Stathopoulos, Pete Obit, Kurt Ackerman, Jim Stathopoulos, Brian O'Shell, Valerie Lapp

commercial and residential overhead door

55 Alliance Drive, Suite 3, Rochester, NY 14623
 Christine Lawrence, Ronald Swanson, Lou Bivone

 build and install custom architectural, ornamental and miscellaneous metal work for commercial, industrial and institutional customers

65 Goodway Drive South, Rochester, New York 14625
 Rod Zulkosky, Van Economides, Simon Economides, Stephen Manuele

Window films

3 Rockwood Place, Rochester, New York 14610
 Jane Moore, John French, Chris Guider, James Donahue

residential cabinetry, counters, vanity tops, moldings and door units to multi-resident housing projects, as well as architectural mill-work and casework for commercial projects

865 West Ave., Bldg. 13, Rochester, NY 14611
 Suzanne Laese, Mark Laese, James Ensman, Rich Slocum, Donald Gentle, Amy Ramage, Renier Bertou

glass and glazing work

900 Jefferson Road, Building 104, Rochester, NY 14623
 Joe Burakowski, Rick Kozyra, Steve Giczkowski

Full-service turn-key system integration firm headquartered in Rochester, NY, specializing in food, beverage and dairy processing and automation.

2450 West Ridge Road Suite 300, Rochester, New York 14626
 Terry Hoover, Joseph Scarfone, Eric Hinz, Duane Fox, Dave Feary

We provide system design and engineering, equipment procurement, system installation and integration, on-site service and Client Solution Center (CSC) management and support services.

10 Vantage Point Drive, Suite 3, Rochester, NY 14624
 Mickey Ames, Karl Paisley, Salley Thornton, Marc Santoro, Joe Mahurin, Bridget Black

Sheetmetal fabrication and installation company

18 Turner Drive, Spencerport, New York 14559
 Henry Baker, Mark Baker, Janie Baker
2901 S. Union Street, Rochester, New York 14624
 Ed Aponte

Fabrication & Erection of Miscellaneous Iron

87 Dewey Ave., Rochester, New York 14608
 Richard Gratton, Spencer Wright, Lon Nadelen, William Goy

Commercial Glazing Contractor

111 Buffalo Road, Rochester, New York 14611
 Mike Bassett, Gus Tamoutselis, Braden McDonald

Lawn Care, Tree & Shrub Care, Design, Maintenance

2059 Brighton-Henrietta TL Road, Rochester, New York 14623
 Terry Schmitz, John Knapp, Jessica Demasio, Albert Broccolo, John Badowski, Laurie Broccolo, Diane Myers, Debi Bridges

Recycled Landscape Supply and Trucking Services

2548 Manitou Road, Rochester, NY 14624
 Jennyrae Brongo

Directional drilling and Utility Contracting

656 Basket Road, Webster, New York 14580
 Jack Ryan, Dick Doty, Dawn Devendorf, Keith Burrows, Kevin Burrows

 bridge girder erection, bridge rehabilitation including jacking for steel, bearing and concrete rehabilitation

8 King Road, Churchville, New York 14428
 Rick Traushet, John Szvoren PE, Herbert Stephenson, Joe Pizzo, Bob Kurek, John Klimek, Gillian Gray, Kathy Brenzel, Danielle Farabell, Chip Stephenson, P.E.

Lawn & Landscape

5112 West Ridge Road, Spencerport, New York 14559
 Timothy Carr, Taylor Klimack, Joann Carr
959 Penfield Rd., Macedon, New York 14502
 Bruce Carey, Ricardo Boor

IT services

 Bill Schrouder

design and installation of systems for all environmental conditions

405 Lyell ave., Rochester, New York 14606
 Ray Chapman, Lynn Primmer, Keith Chapman, John Lancaster

Commercial, residential and industrial asphalt paving customers, from the initial paving application to the ongoing seal coating and surface maintenance

2117 Buffalo Road, Suite 295, Rochester, NY 14624
 Ron Richmond, Daniel Butz, Tony Carnevale

Colonial Fire Protection Systems, Inc. specializes in commercial, industrial and residential sprinkler installation and inspection services

860 Linden Ave. Suite B, Rochester, New York 14625
 Jim Judge, Dan Merkle, Glenn Dow, Justine VanNostran

Window Repair, Glass Replacement, Window Film, Window Parts

21 Ironstone Dr., Rochester, New York 14624
 Nick DeFilippo, Amy DeFilippo, Emily DeFilippo, Taylor Smith, Anthony DiBenedetto

Electrical Contractor

705 Maple Street, Rochester, New York 14611
 Patrick Clifford, John Loiacona, Rober Swanton, Patrice Torrens, Kevin McDermott, Scott Taylor, Ben Wood

Professional residential and commercial asphalt contractor

3509 County Road #37, P.O. Box 67, West Bloomfield, NY 14585

Electrical Contractor

6337 Dean Parkway, Ontario, New York 14519
 Laurie Ballone, Brian Haas, Todd LaDue, Stan Stevens, Steven Davidson, Laurie Nardone, Jim Yatteau, Chris Hoot, Tom Callen

Contractor and Industrial Supplies 

207 Andrews Street, P.O. Box 31237, Rochester, NY 14603-1237
 Steve Wichtowski, Scott Demar, Rich Hargrave, Rodger Boone, Ken Page, Dennis Blankenberg
1300 Mt. Read Blvd., Rochester, New York 14606
 Josh Dorman, Dave Dickson, Beverly Dorman

fluid handling and deliver highly specialized industrial construction services

110 Elmgrove Park, Rochester, New York 14624
 Colton Zepka, Michael Gianetti Jr., Jake Scherer, Rob Metz, Mike Codi, Mike Ademovic, Jude Tortorella, Jesse Howarth, David Nassivera, Shaun Quinn, Peter Tortorella, Robert Tortorella, Douglas Wade

General construction firm

3001 Brockport Rd., Spencerport, New York 14559
 Tim Younger, Troy Long, Steve Hess, Steve Butts, Rusty Darrah, Patrick Hickey, Mark Pullyblank, Joanne Devay, Joe Bader, George Perucki, Frank Fisher, Craig Stevens, Bill Clements, Scott Baker, Chris Bollin

 full-service mechanical contracting and custom metal fabricating

100 Nassau Street, Rochester, NY 14605
 Doug Timm, Grady Monks, Steve Dear, Paul Johnson, Peter Brennan, Marietta Brownlie, Jon Pavone, Jackie Moretti, John Kelly, Raymond Johnson, Jason Brownlie, Donna Gillman, Douglas Dixon, David Damelio, David Chappius, Chance Sullivan, Gavin Brownlie, Brandon Tumia, Bryan Stalk, Matt Rose, Tiffany Boula, Micah DeNering, Larry Sheehan, Scott Martin, A.J. Carlin, Deisree Brink, Kurt Sullivan, Jeff Meyn, Mike Poliszuk, Chris Erickson, Chris Berbert, Lisa Savino, Eric Johnson, Kevin Peri

Water treatment

1240 Rochester St., Lima, New York 14428
 Jason Keppler, Nicole Zelazny-Keppler

Fire Protection, Design, Calculations

 Chris Somers, Edward Collins


4710 Route 104, Williamson, New York 14589
 Matthew David, Ursula David

Natural Gas Service Company

1622 NYS Rt. 414, Waterloo, New York 13165
 Kelly Rauscher, David Waro, David Rauscher
PO Box 592, Waterloo, New York 13165
 Becky Rossignol

 full service general contractor

803 Linden Ave., Rochester, New York 14625
 Angelo Antonini, Luca Torchia, Antonio Torchia, Jason D'Agostino, Sandie Ville

Fabrication and installation of stairs, railings and miscellaneous metal.

740 Campbell Street, Rochester, New York 14611
 Kenneth D'Agostino

 full-service residential HVAC company

1776 East Main Street, Rochester, New York 14609
 Lorri Feldman

Fire Protection Contractor

300 Metro Park, Rochester, New York 14623
 Jason Stoler, Dave Tollis, Ed Priest

Day Automation is a systems integrator for Facility Control and Security Systems.

7931 Rae Blvd., Victor, New York 14564
 Russell Barber, Chris Bernhard, Brian Bujnowski, Cody Stevens, Marshall White, Sean Baker, Wayne Pruner, Bill Garland, Wes Daisley, Tom Doptis, Steve Maybeck, David Sheflin, Ron Wood, Paul Henshaw, Mark Thumm, Mark Miller, Mick George, Mark Bailey, Kenneth Reukauf, Matt Dunn, Kyle Korman, Jeff Tompkins, John Malbone, Joshua Krest, Jeff Gottstein, Jeffrey Day, Fred Weber, Frank Battersby, Eric Hylbert, Dennis Gallery, Carissa Smolyn, Charlie Loucks, Bruce Forbes, Bill Clark, Kristopher Aeckerle, Martin Prince, William Gerhardt, Charles Stemples

Provides full service commercial truck rental and leasing, service, parts sales, and student transportation. 

333 Colfax Street, Rochester, New York 14606
 John DeCarolis, Chuck Bianchi, Pat Herron, Don Contrera, Paul DeCarolis, Michael Margarone

Gymnasium and Athletic Flooring. Commercial Wood Flooring. Commercial Wood Floor Refinishing and Repairs.

9562 County Road 46, Arkport, New York 14807
 Jana Everett, Daniel DeClerck, Kathy DeClerck, Jerry Read

Pool Design, construction, repair and service.

7244 Pittsford-Palmyra Road, P.O. Box 702, Fairport, NY 14450
 Cheryl Miller, Kurtis Bednarcyk, Patricia Bednarcyk, Bill Forster, Bucky Fusco

construction management and general contracting firm

1170 Pittsford Victor Rd, Pittsford, NY 14534
 Kevin Nowack, Anthony DiTucci, Pete Buckley, Kim Profetta, Kevin Whitman, Nick DiTucci, Elena Gosson, Holly Powers, Mike Szuromi

Heavy Highway Construction

155 Pool Street, Rochester, New York 14606
 Joe Sacco, Michael DiFiore, Brian DiFiore

General Contractor

1950 Brighton-Henrietta TL Road, Rochester, New York 14623
 Kelly Schmidt, Jason VanZeilen, Joel DiMarco, John DiMarco, Will Tidd

Home Builders

5481 Upper Mt Morris Rd, Mt. Morris, New York 14510
 Pat DioGuardi

commercial landscaping & snowplowing

5138 West Ridge Rd., Spencerport, New York 14559
 Brandon Molinari, Mike DePuyt, Greg Jones, Chris DiPasquale, Kim Rogers, Jackie Spooner, Jason Colline

Finishing Trades as industrial and commercial painters, drywall finishers, wall covers, glaziers, glass workers, billboard posters, healthcare workers, news press workers and service delivery groups along with many more exciting occupations.

244 Paul Road, Rochester, New York 14624
 Travis Nevins, Wes Schlossin, Todd Rotunno, Mark Stevens, Mike Dems, Dan Lafrance, Judy Salansky, Dominic Zirilli, Joe Philip, Ed Wavle, Dan Boody, Dan Jackson, Jeff Carroll, Bob Sinopoli, Bob Casella
7404 Gauss Road, Bloomfield, New York 14469
 Craig Domville


792 Calkins Road, Rochester, New York 14623
 Kevin Ryan, Todd Julien, Steve Walzer, Sheila DeSimone, Kevin Stone, Judy Katafaiz, John Doyle

Window treatments

175 Humboldt Street, Suite 222, Rochester, NY 14610
 Ashlee Cecere, Pam Dennis, Mark Kosinski, Lauren Novick, Eric Kosinski, David Green, Bob Winter, Diane Russell

Projects and repairs with plumbing, HVAC, fire protection systems, sprinkler system inspection services, and backflow inspection services.

23 Saginaw Drive, Rochester, New York 14623
 Jim McEvily, Jim Goodman, Dale Sheppard, Jerome McEvily


546 Lyell Avenue, Rochester, New York 14606
 Todd Spencer

Manufacturing and construction of highway safety products.

729 Cross Road, Oaks corners, New York 14518
 Steve Bird, Joe Chaapel, Bob Shipley, David Bragg, Zack Huttar, Shawn Clark, Carly Bates-Thomas


1217 Clifford Avenue, Rochester, New York 14621
 Vinny Vivenzio, Steve Muhs, Riley Curran, Paul Bardanis, Larry Dewine, Joe Williamson, Alan Williamson, Jeffery Davis, Donald Plant, Shawn Reed, Joelle Lappetito, Jenna Marion


200 Metro Park, Rochester, New York 14623
 Sal DeLuca, Eric Haun, Michael Harf, Jeffrey McFadden

HVAC, Plumbing, Heating

704 South Clinton Avenue, Rochester, New York 14620
 Todd Streeter, Todd Northrop, Steve Gaudioso, Steve Fuss, Henry Lancaster, Eric St. John, Dave Schoen, Chris Short, Jerry Cott, Scott Weaver, William Coe

Pumping solutions for industrial, commercial and municipal clients

1107 Loudon Road, Cohoes, NY 12047
 Tim Emerick

Commercial diving Company, underwater diving, welding, burning, dredging, inspection and salvage needs

PO Box 701, Hilton, New York 14468
 Eric Peter

Mechanical Contractor/Licensed Petroleum Fuel System Removal and Installation

3039 Sherwood Road, Palmyra, New York 14522
 Valerie Oswald, Mark Oswald

 high-quality environmental construction and remediation services, industrial cleaning and decommissioning, asbestos and lead abatement and demolition services.

P.O. Box 485, Wayland, New York 14572
 Shelley Quackenbush, Timothy Lonnen, Brian LaRocca, August Gloskey, Bob Gibbs, Becky Fox, Bruce Corey

Full Service Asbestos Inspection, Abatement Design and Air Monitoring Firm

57 Ambrose Street, Rochester, New York 14608
 Paul Mahoney, Shawn House, John Cygan

residential, agricultural, commercial and USDA food grade buildings designed to fit your individual needs. 

10269 Old Route 31 West, Clyde, New York 14433
 Stewart Mosley, Nick Foro, Kirt Burghdorf, Jason Hilberer, Joe Hess, Chris Spaeth, Bill Murray, Andy George

Construction and Surety law firm

925 Clinton Square, Rochester, New York 14604
 Kevin Peartree

manufactures and distributes portland cement to the ready-mix concrete, pre-cast concrete, and concrete block,

361 Boxart Street P.O. Box 12637, Rochester, New York 14612
 Mike Alfieri

premier tile, stone and terrazzo contractor 

(585) 647-3250 P.O. Box 60976, Rochester, New York 14606
 Gerard Leva Sr, Vince Lalama, Brian Leva, Patrick Leva, Christoper Leva, Amy Firkins


3791 State Route 5 & 20, Canandaigua, New York 14424
 Steve Joyce

General Contractor

260 Empire Blvd., Rochester, New York 14609
 Paul Freitas, Mike Willgens

New home construction

3240 Chili Avenue, Rochester, New York 14624
 Bernard Iacovangelo

Garage Doors, new residential door, a commercial garage door, an opener, or you need service on your existing garage door and opener.

1674 Norton Street, Rochester, New York 14609
 Robert Felluca

Wholesale distributor

Attn: Tracy Pettit, 3025 Winton Road South, Rochester, NY 14623
 Lon Palmer, Thomas Cody Genkos, Todd Billo, Shannon Vanburen, Casey Faloon, Mike Zaremski, Kevin Wright, Greg Thompson, Thomas Stone, Gerald Stone, Derek Reynolds, Scott Peggs, Ken Nelson, George Presby, Don Murphy, Jan McKee, Brian Labigan, Michael Greco, Mark Fitton, Bill Feeney, Ryan Dixon, Joe DeMart, Mark Coccia, Max Chester, Darren Makela, Eric Fularz, Lindsey Hopkins

Full service site development company

4608 County Route 1, Canandaigua, NY 14424
 Gary Storms, Timothy Murphy, Keith Holcomb, Jessica Zeh, Jeremy Fields, Ben Dancy

Commercial Roofing/ Structural Skylight Contractor New installations, repair and maintenance of existing roofing & skylights, manufacturer's warranty service contractor

1265 Fairport Road, Fairport, New York 14450
 Patti Baron

FirstLight is a leading provider of high speed data, Internet, data center, cloud and voice services to enterprise and carrier customers

7890 Lehigh Crossing, Victor, NY 14564
 Ray Brzezinski, Jen Novy, Paul Nikitas

Firestop insulation

2555 Baird Road, Penfield, NY 14526
 Jason Cooper, Victoria Menafo

Fire stopping needs

793-B Canning Parkway, Victor, New York 14564
 Jessica Sackett, Randy Reiss

 full-service remodeling company

7278 Rte 31 Pittsford Palmyra Rd., Fairport, New York 14450
 Matthew Brodman, David Cerrone, Jesse Paige, Maggie Craven, Paul Benedek

Construction Equipment Dealer Full line John Deere and Hitachi dealer

60 Paul Road, Rochester, New York 14624
 Michelle Duris, Jeff Shearing, Chris Rawleigh, Kenn Baker, Peter Bacon, Dave Johnson, Darrick Marris, Tim Garrett

Fleetwood Accessibility, LLC is dedicated to creating environments that allow people to maintain a lifestyle that is independent and safe and comfortable.

48 Mount Hope Avenue, Rochester, New York 14620
 Elvira Colon, Pia Nault

Glass and Glazing

188 Mt. Hope Avenue, Rochester, New York 14620
 Kristen DePuyt, Tim Conner, Patti O'Brien, Mark Distler, Derek Ristau, Brian Nilles, Andrea Robinson, Rich Gianforti, Mark Webster, Scott Hebert, Marcia Decker, Marlene Martorana, Philip Rupp

Volunteer Home building for the community.

755 Culver Road, Rochester, New York 14609
 Mark Mancuso, Teresa Bianchi

 one of the few masonry contractors capable of completing "big box" stores on schedule

5 Poinciana Drive, Pittsford, New York 14534
 George Bethlendy

Whether it's a commercial bridge, a dam reconstruction, retaining wall, or a sidewalk for a custom home, you can purchase or rent all the equipment, tools, and supplies you need.

749 Phillips Rd. Suite 500, Victor, New York 14564
 Terry Brown, Kevin Brown
185 Phillips Road, Webster, New York 14580
 Fran Dodd

Frank Lill and Son, Inc is your single, reliable source for turnkey power and heavy industrial plant engineering, design, installations, conversions and repairs. 

785 Old Dutch Road, Victor, New York 14564
 Charles Lill, Carol Huff, Scott Wells

a stocking Manufacturers’ Representative in the Heating and Plumbing Industries, offers products from the finest manufacturers in the industry to serve customers’ needs

219 Creekside Drive, Amherst, New York 14228
 Barbara Herl, Steve Krisko, Steve Hise, Kevin Quinn, John Thomas, Jim Alfieri, Dennis Maines, Drew Maines, Bill Cook, Scott Crego, Chris Felicetti, Amy Jernatowski, Mike Croke, Jarrod Winters

General Contractor

1017 Chili Ave., Rochester, New York 14611
 Jason Deprez, Lee Frederico

 quality commercial and residential glass repair and installation services 

175 Colvin St., Rochester, New York 14611
 Mike Endulovski, Paul Kelsch, Robert Zeller, Greg Sonneville, Chris Klajbor, William Serron, Frank Sapienza

Frontrunner Network Systems delivers world class IP Physical Security, Access Control, Data and Voice Systems and Services.

300 Main St., Suite 22, East Rochester, NY 14445
 James Keegan, Joseph Cerney, Amy Hanna, Eliezer Martinez

 Steel and post tensioning installer.

9633 US Route 20A, P.O. Box 255, Hemlock, NY 14466
 Todd Geartz, Toby Geartz, Robert Johnson, Mitch Carrier, Bill Kinney, Andrew Burns, Gerry Geartz


151 Bernice Street, Rochester, New York 14615
 Gary Frederico

Excavation and Grading, Building Construction business / industry within the Construction - Special Trade Contractors sector. 

1855 Starr Road, leicester, New York 14481
 Renee Young, Gerald Booth

commercial landscaping & snowplowing

5138 West Ridge Road, Spencerport, New York 14559
 Kim Rogers, Greg Jones, Chris DiPasquale, Mike DePuyt
121 Driving Park, Rochester, New York 14613
 Terrance Walker, Rich Oster, Paully Watson

Geospatial consulting firm, Professional Land Surveying and Engineering

12 North Main Street, Suite 100, Honeoye Falls, NY 14472
 Jeff Graf, Christine Gayron, Scott Smith

Masonry and Concrete Restoration

946 Atlantic Avenue, Rochester, New York 14609
 Brian Moran, Kevin Wu, Frank Naron, Amy Gilbert

We have been expertly preparing sites, constructing breathtaking buildings and standing behind every beam and balcony since 1996. We’re pavers, carpenters, pipe fitters and masons — it’s our trade and our passion.

7653 State Route 63 N., dansville, New York 14437
 Richard Tyler, Larry Merle, Mary Ann Merle

Brick supplier 

734 Ridgeway Avenue, Rochester, New York 14615
 SJ Green, Frank Amico

Manufacture's Representative and more.

7865 East Main Road, Leroy, New York 14482
 Jerry Parker

distributor of electrical, communications, data networking and security products

350 Metro Park, Rochester, New York 14623
 Tommy Srbinovski, Timothy Keeley, Patrick Craig, Matthew Terry, Michael MacMillan, Gregory Letina, Frank Mazzuca, Eugene Ruiz, David Burt

Drywall, Insulation, Acoustical, and Carpentry.

95 High Tech Drive, Rush, New York 14543
 Jim Gray, Tom Post, Melissa Distaffen

We are committed to providing safe and efficient mechanical insulation services to the Central and Western, NY. markets.

305 Mt. Read Blvd., Rochester, New York 14611
 Zebadiah Gascon, James Griffin, Bill Richardsen, Janet Beaton

Our specialty is in the area of energy savings and system design.

1169 Pittsford-Victor Road, Pittsford, NY 14534
 Taylor Smith, Paul Conte, Mike Guckian, Joe Guckian, Geoffrey Moss, Ryan Guckian, Ben Maysick

post frame and pole barn design and construction partner for agricultural, business, municipal and residential customers

PO BOX 248, Savannah, New York 13146
 Ted Pendleton, Rick Darron, Brian Secor, Bud Johnson, Blane Crandell, David Secor

Interior Construction & Prefabricated Panelization

6055 Loomis Road, farmnigton, New York 14425
 Tim Finke, Steve Dietrick, Kevin Finke, Ken Delfs, Frank Auria, Ronney Finke

Estimating and PreConstruction Service

3884 Chatham Lane, Canandaigua, New York 14424
 Kathy Hammond, Jim Hammond

 Manufacturer of Lifting Products such as SlingMax Slings, Chain Slings, Synthetic Slings, Twin-Path Slings, and Wire Rope Slings.

20 Jetview Drive, Rochester, New York 14624
 Cheryl Edelman, Richard Streicher

Construction Materials

6895 Ellicott Street, Pavillion, NY 14525
 Bill Gross, Tom McCambley, Todd Mankouski, Taunce Graham, Galen Stone, Rick Mattice, Roger Hutchinson, Tom Nevinger, Joe Stella, John Soule, Jodi Delles, Ed Kosakowski, Dan Meehan, Wayne Curtis, Craig Green, Bill Thomas, Al Lent, Douglas Fuess, Kevin Parsels, John Rutt

Who we are. What we do. Differently for Materials Handling.

 Hunter Critchlow, Patrick Tobin, James VanThof

Construction supply specialists

428 State Street, Rochester, New York 14608
 Robert Diehl, Mary Plakus, Mark Credit, Ronald Credit, Laurie Schlegel, Brett Pevear

distribute a complete line of water, sewer, fire protection and storm drain products to serve the needs of both contractors and municipalities

14 Arch Street, Watervliet, NY 12189
 Nathan Annello, William Oyler, Richard Lake, Mike Rockow, Dave Wetsel, Craig Chafee, Ronald Polizzi, Todd Froedtert

Masonry , Concrete and Masonry Restoration And Select Demolition and Structural Shoring.

10 Pixley Industrial Park, Rochester, New York 14611
 Rick Dehaan, Kammy Heaster, William Heaster

Professional Building Supplies.

One Riverton Way, Rochester, New York 14586
 Nick Wickham, Timothy Stahl, Tim Plain, Steve Warney, Scott Thompson, Shane Smith, Shaun Keane, Rich Valenti, Mark Downing, John Koegel, Paul Weber, John Wilcox, John Rein, Dick Ski, Doug Allen, John Black, Chris Maruke, Clyde Howson, Bill Ruby, Brian Pettinato, Brian Cholowsky, Tom Stahl
531 Fillmore Ave., Tonawanda, New York 14150
 Sarah Sharp, Herbert "Buck" Darling

Manufacturers Rep HVAC Equipment

1919 East Main Street, Rochester, New York 14609
 Tom Slade, Brooke Higgins, Ralph Reid, Tom Herman, Tom Whatford, George Herman, Chris Koval

Electrical construction company

645 Maple Street, Rochester, New York 14611
 Bob Hewitt, Tom Callen, Sean Spencer, Sam Beniamino, Mike D'ambrosia, Gregory Young, Beth Lifka, Mark Spall, Cody Hewitt, Steve Jernigan, Jennifer DiCesare, Heather Hedworth, Ashley Hewitt, Pam DeSimone, Matt Hickman, Shane Hamilton

Home Improvement

80 Clark Street, canandaigua, New York 14424
 Rhuel E. Hibbard, III
17 Thurber Drive, Waterloo, New York 13165
 Phil Wylie, Jim Goodenough, Wanda Williams, Dawn Hadley, Nick Clark, Darrell Helmer

Maintenance and repair solutions to ensure that your athletic equipment is safe and up to code.

650C Lake Ave, Hilton, NY 14468
 Michael O'Toole, Denise O'Toole, Chris Fink

General contracting and construction services.

101 Victor Heights Parkway, Victor, New York 14564
 Suzanne Zingaro, Scott Kotla, Mike Pesce, Bob Mahoney, Bob Klimowski, Ted Holdsworth

electrical and industrial distribution

175 Josons Drive., Rochester, New York 14623
 Matthew Bussey, Don Wood, Jim Waters, Ray Ross, Jeff Penders, Saul Moshenberg, Joe Lengen, Will Cole, Doug Bigham, Bill Bellows, Adam Cohen, George Teneyck, Thomas Syrell, Brian Olejarczyk

Distributor of materials handling and industrial storage equipment.

55 Mushroom Blvd. P.O. Box 23390, Rochester, New York 14623
 Mark Klotzbach, Dave Hahn, Elizabeth Schafer, Dawn Heinlein
7700 Hewes Road, Bergen, New York 14416
 David Humphrey

Concrete/Masonry Contractor

1599 Wayneport Rd., Macedon, New York 14502
 Eric Hynes, Stacy Phillips, Matt Hynes, Pat Hynes

Wholesalers of plumbing, heating, industrial, steel, and electrical supplies.

620 Williams Street, elmira, New York 14902
 Dan Goldsmith, Walter Booth, Shawn Bunce, Mike Herrick, Keith Blacker, Drue Muehl, Chris Johnson, Rick Reilly, Dewitt Gleason

Electrical Workers Union

2300 East River Road, Rochester, New York 14623
 Michelle Catalfamo, Dave Young, Dan O'Mealia, Bob DeNoto

ID Signsystems is your full service  provider for all of your signage needs. 

410 Atlantic Ave, Rochester, New York 14609
 Victor Sanchez, Sydney Stoker, Stephen Harroun, Rita Reid, Renee Randazzo, Paul Dudley, Phil Dotson, Phil Caldwell, Katrina Beatty, Terry Brooks

 Surveillance and security systems integrator

7625 Main Street Fishers, Victor, New York 14564
 Melissa Marcella, Rashika Sinha, Melkon Babigian, Lenna Babigian, Kenneth Laubacher, Michael Sebastian, Rose Platania

Image City Interiors specializes in commercial wall work, ceiling work, and plastering subcontracting.

65 Deep Rock Road, Rochester, New York 14624
 Jim Selover, Larry Smith, Christina Parrish, Robert DeCamp

Indoor Air Quality, HVAC systems cleaning as well as IAQ solutions.

151 Sunset Drive, Rochester, New York 14618
 John Graves
1936 Hudson Ave., Rochester, New York 14617
 Tina Hamman
3760 W. Walworth Rd., Macedon, NY 14502
 James O'Brien


1/2 Mill St., Leroy, NY 14482
 John Gariboldi

Sales, Service, and Rental

345 Peat Street, Syracuse, NY 13210
 Jeffrey Smith

Additions, Decks, Porches, Commercial, Home, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Doors, Windows, Siding, Roofs, Omega Panels, New home builds, Basements, Stucco, Eifs systems, and more....

16288 Ridge Road, Rochester, New York 14470
 Renee Waugh

Remote visual inspection services, technical solutions, and imaging products.

932 Sohn Alloway Road, lyons, New York 14489
 Karl Schlifke

Full service general contracting firm.

447 Adirondack Street, Rochester, New York 14606
 Tim Klebes, Richard Wallenhorst, Doug Fergusion, Jonathan Luciano

Certified Public Accountants

1000 Pittsford-Victor Road, Pittsford, New York 14534
 Cassie Jaufmann, Jeffrey Sutton, Rick Centola, Errol Jaufmann

General Contractor

2575 Baird Road, Penfield, New York 14526
 Whitey Charland, Robert VanAlstyne, Jr., Thomas Charland, Steven Spitz, Kevin Harris, Jeff Spitz, Brendan Spitz, Alyce Schaller, Tracy Moore, Micah Brown, Rebecca Powers, Scott Castilone

Specializes in the manufacturing and installation of Wood and Laminated products; Cabinets, Counters, Reception Desks, and much more.

725 Culver Road, Rochester, New York 14609
 Donna Vanaernum, Tom Ferrarone, Robert Ferrarone, Margaret Ferrarone, Jeff Carl
144 Village Landing, Suite 121, Fairport, NY 14450
 Thomas Eakin
40 Webster Rd, Spencerport, New York 14559
 Joe Buchel


898 Clinton Avenue South, Rochester, New York 14620
 Darryl Fishbaugh

We primarily focus on Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Plumbing Systems for Industrial and Commercial Markets

930 Old Dutch Road, victor, New York 14564
 Ron Speicher, Mike Ranalletta, Chris Herman, Chris Hartmann, Dan Timmerman, Ryan Bergman, Tricia Catalano, Theresa Hill, Nick Optis, Nick Optis Jr.

Energy Saving Strageties

90 Goodway Drive, Rochester, NY 14623
 Mark Goergen, Wendy Buccholz, Selena Larramendi, Michelle Joiner, Joe Shembeda, Michael Barbasch, Jeff Wiltsie, Joe Knight, Jake Hall, John Anderson, Harold Witschi, Hannah Gruenberg, Gerard Marciano, Robert Gatchell, Dan Steixner, David Janson, David Ricci, James McCarriagher, Derrick Day, Chad Sleiman, William Johnson, Bob Basile, Andy Sillato, Andrew Masse, Adam Keller, Corinna Hopkins, David Chmiel, Scott Edwards, Matt Bachner, Joseph Shembeda, Cherie Wage, Stacia Valik, Bob Haak

HVAC Equipment Provider

39 Saginaw Drive, Suite 8, Rochester, NY 14623-3146
 Jeff Paddock, Peter Falise, Matthew DiMartino

audio visual system, rental equipment, audio visual system design, integration and installation.

2975 Brighton Henrietta Townline Road, Rochester, New York 14623
 Andy Reitano, Kerrie VanHalle

Fiber Optic cable contractor/Cabling Contractor/Security Systems.

 Judy Langan, Lance Papke, Jason King, Tim Youngkrans, Joe Teed, Mark Sabin, Eric Hunt, Jeff Craine, Pete Kluge

 Industrial & Material Handling Equipment Sales and Service

56 Church St., LeRoy, NY 14485
 Carrie Lathan, Andrew Lathan, Gina Lathan

LED Lighting

 Tom Murray, Emily Westcott, Kim Hedges

Distributor for Coiling Doors and Shutters, Accordion Partitions, Folding Walls, Toilet Partitions,Bath accessories and commercial specialty items.

62 Marway Circle, Rochester, NY 14624
 Katrina Sproul, Guy Zeh, Charles Walker, Melissa Zschoche, Cory Severson

Diverse practice with lawyers who place the client first.

920 Bausch & Lomb Place, Rochester, New York 14604
 Stephanie DiFelice, Ted Baum

Home renovations, Room additions, remodeling, garage finishing, new home construction.

10 Fords Crossing, Rochester, New York 14472

Excavating and Sewer work

3929 S Avon Road, Avon, NY 14414
 Steve Morsch, Carolyn Morsch

Neenah Foundry is a supplier of municipal castings including manhole frames, lids and grates, trench castings, decorative tree grates, to name a few

2121 Brooks Avenue, Neenah, Wisconsin 54956
 John O'Connor

New York State Fence, Inc. is one of Western New York's largest and most respected fence companies

858 Manitou Road, Hilton, New York 14468
 Rick Premo, Chuck Crosby, TR Thomas, Tom Thomas, Stephen Hansen, Brian Holding, Josh Creager, John Chinappi, Carol Bianchi, Greg Benz, MaryLynn Shaughnessy
560 Packetts Landing, Fairport, New York 14450
 Steve Ziamandanis, Sheryl Sabin, Robert Philips, John Oldach, Peter Costanzo, Jenn Wiltshire, Matt Morgan, Tom Mahon

Rock Drilling and Blasting Contractor

1821 Scottsville-Mumford Road, scottsville, New York 14546
 Kevin Busch, Neal Short, Stephen Loranty, Zachary Nothnagle, Timothy Nothnagle, Steve DiLauia, Douglas Nothnagle

 Construction & Environmental Services company based in Rochester, NY. Minority Certified Business, MWBE ...

3001 Brockport Rd., Ste. A, Spencerport, NY 14559
 Bob Hart, Rececca Filkins, John Kane, Martha Gomez

Carpentry - Rough Framer

26 Nymark Drive, Rochester, New York 14626
 Rebecca Torchia

we have been providing quality installation of guide and bridge rail products. We are also very proud to be manufacturing and installing highway and specialty signs

919 Cress Road P.O. Box 130, phelps, New York 14532
 Shannon Ryan, Bill Orbaker, Jeffery Orbaker

fueling system installation, service and testing

780 Curran Rd., Shortsville, New York 14548
 Kevin Hartson, Ted Ginther

Carpentry, Insulation, Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, Sub-Contractor

 Shelby Mayville, Logan Crilly

General Contractor

5256 Wells Curtice Road, canandaigua, New York 14424
 Roger Perrin

Water and Wastewater Pipeline Installation

672 Frey, Suite A, Macedon, NY 14502
 Robert Anderson, Scott Smith, Brian Reilly, Adam Whalen

Kitchen & Bath remodeling

147 Morgan Rd, scottsville, New York 14546
 Peter Rees

Trucking company

PO Box 6401, Syracuse, New York 13217
 Lucille Nicholson, Tom Rozzano, Jim Reed, Amanda Potter, Mike Lemke

Drywall, Acoustical, EIFS, Carpentry, Light Gauge Framing and numerous other specialty products

175 Dodge Street, Rochester, New York 14606
 Pat Snell, Chris Snell, Scott Zimmerman, James Hand, Heath Bucholz, Adam Bischoff, Dave Biehler, Dustin Beardsley, Kyle Lacy, Jillian Filkins

fabricating and installing miscellaneous and structural steel systems

7819 State Route 5 & 20, Bloomfield, New York 14469
 Michael Roback, Michael Hansen, Kelly Gilligan, Kecia Jerome
961 Lyell Avenue, Building 5, Rochester, New York 14606
 David Yelle, Mike Heins, Chris McMullen

environmental construction, remediation services, emergency response, industrial cleaning, asbestos abatement, lead abatement, demolition, and facility decommissioning

720 Lexington Ave., Rochester, New York 14613
 Kevin Perri

stone for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and more!

720 Basket Road, Webster, New York 14580

Equipment Rental

610 Salt Rd, Webster, New York 14580
 Stephen Bennett, Shannon Geiken, Rick Geiken
5088 Owls Nest Rd., Marion, New York 14505
 Scott Roegiers
9 Lancer Pl, Webster, New York 14580
 Mike Scaccia

Employee benefit plans

333 West 34th Street, New York, New York 10001
 David Blumenstein

Paints, Stains, Colors & Supplies

191 West Main Street, Webster, New York 14580
 Pat Hildman, Andrea Schleber, Russell Rawson, Stefani Porter, Patrick Cullinane, Tom Scileppi, Dave Marang, Michele Smith, LeeAnn Boose, John Lanzone, John Gizzi, Jameson Hills, John Conlon, Bruce Werner

Provide the most intelligent, effective, verified loss prevention solutions for our customers.

2024 West Henrietta Road, Rochester, New York 14623
 Ben Briggs

Agricultural, residential, full fencing outfit & commercial fencing.  

326 Colby Street, spencerport, New York 14559
 Steven Scott, Douglas Streeter

Asphalt Maintenance Color Coating Tennis and Basketball Courts; Commercial Hot-Cracking; Sealcoating and Line Striping

P.O. Box 925, Penfield, New York 14526
 Greg Duffy, Mike Mosca
3 Mill St., LeRoy, New York 14482
 Tracey Vernaccini, Joe Vernaccini

HVAC Equipment, Hydronics, Mechanical Ventilation, Custom Air Handling Units

4115 County Rd 18, Canandaigua, New York 14424
 Tamara Farmer, Bob Farmer, Chris Farmer

Sheet Metal Services

33 Clarkridge Drive, Brockport, New York 14420
 Tazzwell Young, John Golaf, Fred Kimmel, Chris Adams

With our full-time construction professionals, cranes, backhoes, forklifts, scissor lifts, dump trucks and a host of construction equipment, Nichols Construction Team can self-perform many of the disciplines of your construction project

75 Highpower Road, Rochester, New York 14623
 John Nichols, Mark Chester, Bert Lieberman, Brian Aguir, David Lohkamp, Clay Carpenter, Rick Carley, Jim Burm, Ray Hillabush, Chip Ayres, Adam Fayko, David Wickman, Dan Sheldon, Michael O'Connor, Steve Haggarty, Jennie Smith, Jaylea Belcher

Construction Management/Program Management/General Construction

One Circle Street, Rochester, New York 14607
 Jason Putney, Chrissy DeVito, Christine Schenne, Rufus Judson, Raymond Freeman, Michael Spooner, Kevin Baker, Ed Kurowski, Dennis Zavitz, Dan Sinnott, Dan Gardner, John Dexter, Terri Dame, Bob Morris, Bill Rutan, Mike Spooner, Sean Clancy, Chelsea Ketchen, Andrea Clancy, Tiffany Smith, Stephanie Fulmer

We are an audio-visual solutions company that develops advanced integrated AV systems, and we’re ready to help you. 

1 Fishers Road, Pittsford, New York 14534
 Laurie Widmaier, Corinne Green
291 David Parkway, Ontario, New York 14519
 Bill Thurston

Elevators, escalators, moving walks

2495 Walden Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14225
 Accounts Payable, Karen Bayerl, Drew Luther, John Buell, Tim Brown


80 Beadle Rd., Spencerport, New York 14559
 Melissa Dewey, Timothy Dewey

we do every phase of construction for your project

14454 East County House Road, Albion, New York 14411
 Michael Tower, Anna Tower

Garage door installation and repair

20 Hytec Circle, Rochester, New York 14606
 Tim Tracey, Michelle Stundtner, Jessica Stundter, John Tracey, Andrew Tracey

Your best source for complete service on all brands of commercial and industrial HVAC and refrigeration equipment.

75 Town Centre Drive, Suite 300, Rochester, NY 14623
 Pat Whelan, Christina Walter, Jeff Vick, Steve Sleight, William Seward, Jacob Schatz, Doug Richardsen, Neal Reaser, Ken Pruner, Marissa Page, Michael McIntyre, Mark Mallie, Adam Feather, Gannon Dubay, Patrick Leach, Austin DeMott

 We are a full-service contract driller with experience across every major construction market segment including concentrated work on natural gas, electrical construction, wind farms, and long pipeline installations.

 Abe Brouk, Robert Turner

Specializing in drywall, insulation, metal stud framing, wood framing, suspended ceilings, finished carpentry, and general trades

1085 Gravel Rd., Webster, New York 14580
 Ethan Testa, Michael Johnston, Ed Geska, Melissa Geska, Mark Sharp, Rob Holtby, Patti Wirth, Mike Fitzgerald, Amber Johnson, Donna Burwell-Barton

UDN is a General Contracting & Construction Services company based in Rochester, NY

350 East Avenue, Suite 204, Rochester, NY 14604
 Nick Testa, Nick Charvella, Eric Poole, Emily Torregiano

Plumbing, HVAC, Asbestos abatement

166 Middle Street, Geneva, New York 14456
 Tracey Broderick, Kevin Ashton, Bill Robson

service includes roofs, walls, floors and installation for a wide range of building types

13989 East Schutt Road, Chaffee, New York 14030
 Jim Howard, Justin Britton, David Lounsbury, James Brennan, Bob Debonis

Spray Fireproofing

7865 E Main Road, Leroy, New York 14482
 Steve Cottone, Richard Eaton

Interior Contractor, Drywall, Acoustical Ceiling

3313 Chili Ave, Suite B, Rochester, NY 14624
 Cecil McClary JR, Brian Werner

Upstate Roofing & Painting excels at solving complex commercial roofing and commercial painting challenges.

1300 Brighton-Henrietta TL Road, Rochester, New York 14623
 Robert Morgan, Todd Johnson, Terry Brown, John Gurtler, Eric Warren, Dave Pastore, Kim O'Hara, Kasey Fanton, David Mercer
934 Howard Rd., Rochester, New York 14624
 Greg McGrain

Underground utilities contractor

75 Highpower Rd., Rochester, New York 14623
 Keith Boisvert

Landscape, Nursery, Garden Center

136 North Avenue, Rochester, New York 14626
 Nicole Bartlett, Jodi Avery, Sue Van Putte, Carl Van Putte, Kyle Van Putte, Holly Cirella (Van Putte), Katie Gailey, Mike Griffin


4740 Darby Rd., Avon, New York 14414
 Peter Vonglis

Water Wise is a Full Service Water Treatment Company 

75 Bermar ParkSuite 5, Rochester, New York 14624
 Ralph Williams, Mike Bromley, Joe Tibbits, John Hopkins

Design build landscape service.

124 Route 31, macedon, New York 14502
 Paul Sorbello, Craig Wallace

Distributor of face Brick, Lanscape products, Fire places, Cultured Stone, Architectural Block & Masonry supplies

450 Trabold Road, Rochester, New York 14624
 Tim Weckesser, Thomas Weckesser, Marci Suda, Mike Baker

  Intrusion, Surveillance, Access Control, Nurse Call, Centralized Code Blue, Sound/Paging, Master Time Systems, and 24 hour U.L. Listed System Monitoring.

53 Pixley Industrial Parkway, Rochester, New York 14624
 Tim McGee, Chuck Schramm, MIke West

Flooring Contractor : Athletic, Commercial, and Performing Arts Flooring

103 Potomac Street, Rochester, New York 14611
 Andy Smith, Mike D'Hont

Interior Contractor

464 Portland Avenue, Rochester, New York 14605
 Thomas Finewood, Rick Henahan, Joanne Henahan

Distributer & Installer of access doors, partitions, blinds, graphic signs, lockers, toilet compartments, visual display boards

4 Potomac Street, Rochester, New York 14611
 Peter Bennett, Bruce Sherwood, Bill Wesley, Brent Wandel, Nick Willis, Rachel Willis

Whitney East specializes in general construction and construction management for medium to large projects

1504 Scottsville Road, Rochester, New York 14623
 Joe Laurie, Zac Condidorio, Joe Condidorio, Regina Redmond, Onolee Johnson

Lumber company

340 West Main Street, Rochester, New York 14608
 Wally Morse, Todd Wright, Todd Cymerman, Rick Repp, Patrick Clancy, Mike Morse, Mike Reed, Meagan Brien, Mark McIntee, Laurie O'Mailey, Kent Walters, Kent Hawkins, Joe Trimboli, John Metzger, Dave Strong, Chuck Buscemi, Bruce DeJulio, Bill Morse

Commercial Real Estate Development and Management Company

1265 Scottsville Rd., Rochester, New York 14624
 Jim Hoffard, Jim Willford, Christine Hartgrove, Ronald Cocquyt

Draperies, Shutters, Blinds and more!

34 Colony Wood Drive, Rochester, New York 14616
 Noreen Locke

specializes in window repair for commercial customers.

2363 Sandifer Blv., Westminster, South Carolina 29693
 Terry Connolly, Jeff Morsch

General Contractor

18 Hidden Meadow, Penfield, New York 14526
 James Winnick

general site contractor with a concentration in mass earthwork

485 State Route 21, Palmyra, New York 14522
 Melanie Rogers, Jim Norman, Gary Rogers

furniture products

400 Packetts Landing, Fairport, New York 14450
 Dave Sweeney, Scott MacCaull, Chuck Gannon

Mechanical Contractor

81 Shumway Road, Brockport, New York 14420
 Michelle Johnson

Xylem is a leading water technology company committed to "solving water" by creating innovative and smart technology solutions to meet the world's water, wastewater and energy needs.

600 Mile Crossing, Suite 3, Rochester, NY 14624
 Mark Candido, John Hartz, Kristel Zaman, Tim Emerick, Michael Daddis, Charlie Kalaghan, Michelle Brass, Adam McNeill
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