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Carpentry, Insulation, Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, Sub-Contractor

 Shelby Mayville, Logan Crilly

General contractor

2580 Baird Road, Penfield, New York 14526
 Jessica Pfaff, Jayne Penepent, Karl Schuler, Nicholas Silco, Sharon Bresovski

General Contractor

5256 Wells Curtice Road, canandaigua, New York 14424
 Roger Perrin

HVAC, Electrical equipment

300 Mile Crossing Blvd, Rochester, New York 14624
 Mercedes Handley, Jim Spellman, Evan Smith, Brian Heffernan, Brian Willemsen, Rudy Weidert, Andy Weidert, Rob Sweeney, Brian Shaw, Tom Murphy, Mike McGinnis, Nick Masiello, Pete Loftus, Steve Huber, Larry Graves, Al Freeland, Rob Devere, Tim Blackburn, John Bailey, Matt Agnello, Lindsay Johnson, Deb Hamel, Bruce Harris, Tim Hurley, Jason Ruback, Corey Monks, Derrick Cunningham

 residential and commercial landscaping services for the Rochester, NY and Buffalo, NY areas

293 Peck Road, hilton, New York 14468
 Rick Lemcke, Phil Gillio, Paul Fox, Todd Meyer, Mike Whelehan, Brett Lemcke, Andy Walsh

R.W. Dake performs all carpentry and painting related scope items

100 Bluff Drive P.O. Box 70, East Rochester, New York 14445
 Mike Walker, Kathy Leugemors, Lee Goodridge, Mark Bristol, Dave Schutz, Justin Dwight, Greg Vangellow, Tom Halter, Marty Bianchi, Martin Sherry, Keith Holbrook

fabrication and erection of structural steel for commercial and industrial facilities

432 Portland Avenue, Rochester, New York 14605
 Jason Randall, Lance Kellett, Justin Carroll, Ted White, Samantha Astle

Heavy Highway Construction

5711 Gateway Park, lakeville, New York 14480
 Shannon Henderson, Steve Bourgoine, Michelle Paroda, Julia Schmitt, Chris Ramsey, Bill Adams

Water and Wastewater Pipeline Installation

672 Frey, Suite A, Macedon, NY 14502
 Robert Anderson, Scott Smith, Brian Reilly, Adam Whalen

structural engineering, environmental engineering, land surveying, transportation engineering, construction inspection and allied services

2110 Clinton Avenue S # 1, Rochester, New York 14618
 Ingrid Kaptein, Joseph Villella, Scott Homquist, Mike Bogardus, Sean Baldwin

Demolition and Dismantling

3000 Mount Read Blvd., Suite 103, Rochester, NY 14616
 Gerard Castronovo, David Drew


69B Monroe Ave., Pittsford, New York 14534
 Timothy Hern

Reddy Construction has a long history of site development and earthwork in Rochester, NY and the surrounding area.

4 Turner Drive, Spencerport, New York 14459
 Richard Tallman, David Tallman, Catherine Beich, Ken Turner

A site and Utility company

6565 Redman Rd. P.O. Box 657, Brockport, New York 14420
 Scott Arend, Jack Arend, Nicholas D'Ambrosio, JP McKinley

Kitchen & Bath remodeling

147 Morgan Rd, scottsville, New York 14546
 Peter Rees

Construction Law

3380 Monroe Ave. Suite 200, Rochester, New York 14618
 Marc S. Brown, Catherine Maletta, Allan Reeve, Christian Nadler, Guy Talia

Trucking company

PO Box 6401, Syracuse, New York 13217
 Lucille Nicholson, Tom Rozzano, Jim Reed, Amanda Potter, Mike Lemke
1545 Mt. Read Blvd., Suite 2, Rochester, NY 14606-2848
 Steve Lader

Riedman Companies specializes in residential real estate development, investment and property management

45 East Ave, Rochester, New York 14604
 Jill Lowell, Stephanie Gerken, David Reidman, Timothy P. Foster, Rudy Osmancevic, Ken Hall, Charla Quatro

asphalt paving, asphalt repair, seal coating, crack sealing, striping and signage, lot maintenance plans, and snow and ice control.

4846 State Rt. 104, Williamson, New York 14589
 Eguene Shove

General Contractor

277 North Winton Rd, Rochester, NY 14610
 Jennifer Hungate, Eric Frankenberg, Michael Stockslater, Donna Padilla

We have been selling and installing windows and doors since the 1940s. Many of our employees have been with the company for more than twenty years, and our newer employees learn from the best.

1794 Lyell Avenue, Rochester, New York 14606
 Sam Gionta, Betty Paola, Michael Gionta, Steve Trotta, Tim Forster

Drywall, Acoustical, EIFS, Carpentry, Light Gauge Framing and numerous other specialty products

175 Dodge Street, Rochester, New York 14606
 Pat Snell, Chris Snell, Scott Zimmerman, James Hand, Heath Bucholz, Adam Bischoff, Dave Biehler, Dustin Beardsley, Kyle Lacy, Jillian Filkins

entrances, framing systems, curtain wall systems and windows

360 North Street, Rochester, New York 14605
 Michael Sheedy Jr., Mike Sheedy, Jon Hogestyn, Ed Hinge, Dan Metzger

labor union

20-22 Fourth Street, Rochester, New York 14609
 Clint Dunn, Randall Braley, John Russo, Danny Kuntz, Carmen Serrett, Bill Steve, Ace Roundtree

"The professional paint people"

1800 Lyell Ave., Rochester, NY 14606
 Kevin Meyer, Rick Connor, Mike Swan, Chris Proctor

fabricating and installing miscellaneous and structural steel systems

7819 State Route 5 & 20, Bloomfield, New York 14469
 Michael Roback, Michael Hansen, Kelly Gilligan, Kecia Jerome
961 Lyell Avenue, Building 5, Rochester, New York 14606
 David Yelle, Mike Heins, Chris McMullen

Rochester Windustrial is proud to offer commercial and residential plumbing products by the best brands in the industry

900 Driving Park Ave., Rochester, New York 14613
 Kim Smith, Bruce Campbell, Steve Dutcher, Robert Seiffert, Paul Marianelli

environmental construction, remediation services, emergency response, industrial cleaning, asbestos abatement, lead abatement, demolition, and facility decommissioning

720 Lexington Ave., Rochester, New York 14613
 Kevin Perri

stone for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and more!

720 Basket Road, Webster, New York 14580

Equipment Rental

610 Salt Rd, Webster, New York 14580
 Stephen Bennett, Shannon Geiken, Rick Geiken
5088 Owls Nest Rd., Marion, New York 14505
 Scott Roegiers
 LaMarti & Sons Contractors

Communication Solutions

230 Metro Park, Rochester, New York 14623
 Brandon Grinder, Libby Smith, Doreen Welsted, Scott Strassburg, Shawn McQuaid, Scott Hall, Paul Mckeon, Pat Finucane, Mike Perkowski, Jim Morrison, Mary Grace Leonard, Michael DeMarco, Matt Ash, Larry Charette, Lin Bandemer, Jerry Scott, Jennifer Knickerbocker, Jamie Johnson, Jermaine Hammond, Hillary Teremy, Glenn Fitzgerald, Damon Zarcone, Don Graham, Bev Towery, Brian Hansen, Al Colucci, Kyle Moore, Tyler Beaudoin, Karl Peabody, Brent Byrns, Liz Sujka, Tom Bidney, Andrew Cichocki, Leamon Hall, Brett Bersani, Sean Pearson
1163 Pittsford-Victor Road Suite 220, Pittsford, New York 14534
 Sue Fantauzzo, Milton Kotin, Renee Manny, Marilou Stange, Mark Nickel, Jennifer Vanat, David Cooper, Brandon Barber, Justin Brewer

Full Service General Contractor

1020 Lehigh Station Road P.O. Box 230, Henrietta, New York 14467
 Bob VanAlstyne, Max Heagney, Eric Jones, Cheryl Gardner

Commercial / Industrial Asphalt Paving and sitework

6228 Collett Road, Farmington, NY 14425
 Lang Butler, Kyle Hale, Josh Stafford, Jeff Pawlicki, Heather Streever, Ben Thomas, Alex Marchese, Lucas Sharpe, Derek Endres, Tyler Wolfe
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